Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Friday, March 12 // Syracuse, NY @ Castle Rockmoore
w/ No Connection, Night Owls, Like Wolves

Saturday, March 13 // Bethlehem, PA @ Secret Art Space
w/ Young Turks, Leather, Distress Signals

Sunday, March 14 // FUCKING OFF DAY ONE

Monday, March 15 // Tampa, FL @ Unit 19
w/ Eating Machine, American Cheeseburger, Big Rats, Nazi Dust

Tuesday, March 16 // Miami, FL @ American Legion
w/ American Cheeseburger, Mehkago NT, Maribelle, Sloane Peterson

Wednesday, March 17 // Ft. Myers, FL @ Nevin's Haus
w/ Eating Machine, Panzram, Altrekeia

Thursday, March 18 // FUCKING OFF DAY TWO

Friday, March 19 // Washington DC @ The Corpse Fortress
w/ Villain, Real Talk, Troops of Tomorrow

Saturday, March 20 // Pittsburgh, PA @ Helter Shelter
w/ Raw Nerve, Blood Red, Confidence Men

Sunday, March 21 // Rochester, NY @ Flying Squirrel
w/ Kicking Spit, Loudmouth, Ordinary Men and Women, Love Pork for any help/questions.

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